Best Fitness from PT Always Fit is the first & the only fitness center in Indonesia that provide a 'family fitness' concept. This is proven with two number certificate of appreciation from MURI (Museum Record Indonesia) as the 1st fitness industry with family fitness concept & fitness industry which has fewest class. With more than ±12,000 member's separate in five location over Jakarta and Medan areas, Best Fitness concern to help member and their family to stay healthy, energetic and get their body goal. Fitness time will be one of their quality time together.



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13 Reviews

oke sih,pas gw datang sama suami cocok bgt
Indah Widiniarni
3 months ago
murah dan berkualitas venue
3 months ago
mantep nih tempat,recomen
Dewi Ranti Kartareja
3 months ago

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